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What do you check for the routine inspection?

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Hi community.


There is one company handovering the NIOS(only using DHCP service) to our company. Our client has requested the form of routine inspection of Infoblox, which I have to check for the routine inspection every month.


The problem is this:

I have sent them the form of routine inspection which is including:


Checking internet connection (ping)

Checking Grid manager (https://IP)

Checking IP Lease (ipconfig /release and renew)

Detaild Status of each device (they have two appliances)

DHCP service status (which is enable)

Checking host name

Checking service quantity

Checking disk usage

Checking DB usage

Checking network LAN Port and HA Port (show network CLI)

Checking memory usage

Checking CPU usage

Checking hardware status

Checking version

Checking uptime.


As above, these are what my company usually check for montly inspection.

However, my client said that there is no any security-related inspection here. They request me to add more inspections. What should I do?


Are there anything to add? What do you guys usually inspect for the security in NIOS? If you just answer with one word also ok. 


Thank you

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