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What happens when an upgrade fails?

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This is more of a hypotatical question, since I didn't counter a failed upgrade before. Well not entirely true, but that was an issue with some VM settings involved and the upgrad as such (of 1 member) went fine, the others just didn't start.


So my question is: what if an upgrade fails, what does the Infoblox do?
1) software failure of a device:
 - would it reboot on the old image/partition?

 - would it boot into new software that is corrupted and you would need to revert that member?

2) if hardware failure: well then you need to replace it, which I don't count under an upgrade fail in this scenario.


Hope my question is clear and hope to hear from the community or Infoblox soon Smiley Happy.


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On the admin guide I can't find anything about the behavement of a device which could/would fail...

Just that reverting is a thing ...

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