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What's the impact of RPZ license expiring?

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Hey Bloxers!


Till now I am able to collect this info but I still have queries. Here's the link


  • You must install required licenses before you can use the RPZ feature. An RPZ license is required to configure local RPZs and RPZ feeds
    • Q: Does that mean you cannot add any new malicious domains to the list anyway at all, but the current list will remain active and block the queries for malicious domains?
  • After the license expires, the RPZs will remain intact, but you cannot delete existing or add new entries to it.
    • Q: Just like the top one, but doesn't say if the current one will remain active
  • If an RPZ license expires, Feed Zone stops receiving feed updates after the grace period. However, the RPZ feature remains active until it expires. This grace period TTL is configured in Active Trust Plus/Advanced services.
    • Q: It says it will stop receiving feed updates after the grace period then says the RPZ feature remains active until it expires — when does the RPZ feature expire? And what does it mean for the current malicious list it has?
  • Note: Install RPZ licenses only on Infoblox members that have DNS recursion enabled.
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