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Zone change from secondary to primary

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Hi all,

I'm quite new using Infoblox.

I would like to have my grid as primary "stealth" DNS of an authoritative zone which at the moment is hosted on some external DNSs letting them as secondary.

I identified some steps:


  • Became secondary DNS for that zone so I can get a copy of the zone.
  • Export it in CVS format
  • Delete it and re-create again with grid primary and external secondary. At this point I should have the SOA and the NS record created.
  • Now I can import the record from the previuos CVS file.


What are the odds it could work?


Am I missing something?


Thank You





Re: Zone change from secondary to primary

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Hello there,


I believe the easiest way to go about your requirement would be by using the "Import Zone" Feature.


To do this, let's assume that we need to copy the Zone "" and its Data from Grid / DNS Server A with the IP to your Grid B with IP


  1. Go to the Grid B's GUI.
  2. Data Management > DNS > Zones tab.
  3. Create the Zone "".
  4. Select the Zone "" and click "Import Zone" from the Toolbar.
  5. Complete the Import Zone wizard by Entering the IP address of DNS Server A from which you want to Transfer the Zone data and choose the options as necessary.
  6. Click on Import. 

Now you can open the "" Zone and would see all the Records imported from Server A to Grid B.


You can read more about this from the NIOS Administrator Guide's "Importing Zone Data" section.


Hope this helps and provides more options to you.


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