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Re: Not able to GET custom DHCP options
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Please explain your configuration in detail so that we can understand better?

#1 - Did you navigate to DHCP-->Option Spaces tab, then created a new option space and specified 240 as string?
#2 - Did you navigate to DHCP-->Option Spaces tab and added 240 into the default IPv4 option space named DHCP?

#2 above just requires you to specify your option at a range or network and provide its value.
#1 above requires you to create an IPv4 option filter, then match client(s) based on ther VCI (option 60) and apply the filter on a range as a Logic filter.

When you perform the network trace, do you find the client asking for option 240 inside the Parameter Request List (PRL - Option 55) in a DHCPDISCOVER packet?

If your requirement is such that Infoblox provide all configured option(s) on a range, to client(s), regardless of whether they are requesting or not would require you to enable "Ignore optionlist requested by client and return all defined options". This can be configured on a range/network and certain other places and configuring it simply means that Infoblox writes an additional statement to dhcpd.conf to ignore the PRL from clients.

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Bibin Thomas

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