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Autorisation Issue in report displaying dashboard

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Hey All


I need some help, a user created some dashboard. but with admin  i can see the report graphs


I get the following error

In handler 'savedsearch': Unknown search command 'interpolate'.


n handler 'savedsearch': Error in 'DispatchManager': The user 'userid' does not have sufficient search privleges.


wile the report are working and visable for me

the report permission are 

PermissionsShared in App. Owned by Userid-Jan

and in Dashboard

PermissionsShared in App. Owned by Userid-Jan.


How to get the right permission for all user what step to follow




Re: Autorisation Issue in report displaying dashboard

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While I do not know the version of NIOS you are are on, Quick question below.

If you navigate to a predefined report "Reporting-->Reports-->CPU Utilization Trend", which still makes use of the interpolate command, do you still see the same error?

If YES, then perhaps, you should consider creating a case with Infoblox Support.

Best Regards,
Bibin Thomas

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