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Networks Connected to Device No Data

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Dear Expert,


Want to check for the "IPAMv4 Device Networks" reporting, there are running some issue whereby some of widget are no data populated on here, is it require any setting or license to be enable? 

Had try run the discover from IPAM but still no data are populated.


IPAMv4 Device Networks.jpg

neRe: Networks Connected to Device No Data

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Hi Jneng,


This report is used to  show the discovered data through  network  Discovery.


For this  you  need to  have Network  discovery  appliance in the grid. Could you  confirm  if you  have a Network  insight (discovery) applinace avaialble in  the Grid.


 These are the reports which are used for discovered data:-


End Host History

Device Interface Inventory

Device Inventory

Device components

IPAMV4 Device Networks


For detailed information regarding each reports, please refer the Admin Guide under the section "Network Insight Dashboards".



Aneesh R.

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