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Report for "last query" HOST record older than a year

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Hi everyone,


I have to delete old DNS records from my private zones and DNS Scavenging does not work for me because I have "Host Records" that are not compatible with scavenging. I have tryed and they are not selectable for Reclaim.


I have the scavenging function just to register the last query time, and I have this information to know when the register was queried for last time. This information can allow me to know for example which records are not queried from last year.


The only way I think I have to do this is with a custom report that selects all recods from my private view and filter them by last query older than a year ago. Then I will export the list to a CSV and import them again with a delete task.


Have someone done it ? I'm not familiar with the Infoblox database and I don't know how to build the quey.


I have NIOS 8.2 version.


Thanks very much.




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