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Report on REFUSED responses

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I am looking for a report that shows me the amount of REFUSED responses sent back to clients, ideally also on a per-member basis.


There is the standard report DNS Replies Trend, but that does not seem to include REFUSED responses.

In that report I only see:

  • failure
  • nxdomain
  • nxrrset
  • other
  • referral
  • success

Any suggestions how I could get some statistics on REFUSED responses ?


Thanks !

Re: Report on REFUSED responses

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From what i know the repsonse REFUSE and SERVFAIL will categorize into Failure in reporting or in dashboard too.

Re: Report on REFUSED responses

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after checking with support as well, yes, it seems to be the case indeed that REFUSED responses are part of the Failre metric.

A bit misleading I must say, but at least it is there if you know where you'll have to look for it exactly.


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