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Reporter not showing new DNS View or modified DNS View names

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Hi Experts,

i hwve the following problem with Reports/Dashboards and DNS View Names and hope somebody can push me into the right direction:

We've been using 4 DNS Views in total for the last years, and they were all shown properly with their names in the various DNS Reports/Dashboards. Recently we've added another DNS View and also modified the Names of 2 of the existings DNS views. But some of the DNS Reports do neither show the new DNS View nor the modified DNS View name (but still the old names).

One of these Reports is "DNS Top Clients" (index=ib_dns_summary).

Also when i run a simple search on "ib_dns" or "ib_dns_summary" the field "display_name" has only 4 entries with the old names, and the field "VIEW" hasa 5 entries including the new View ID.

Do i need to add new DNS Views somewhere in the Reporter manually as well as update DNS View names ?

We're currently running-Version 8.5.2.

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