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Reporting server can not grab data from Public IP DNS

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Thank you.

Re: Reporting server can not grab data from Public IP DNS

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Reporting data is sent directly from the 'forwarder' to the 'indexer', where the indexer is the reporting server and the forwarder is the server which is sending the data to the reporting server.


The reporting data does not go through the Grid Master so in order for this to work, you may need to add an additional NAT interface for the reporting server and configure NAT compatability in the network settings on the forwarder so that it can use the NAT address for its connection to the reporting server.


Other things to verify:


  • Your firewall is not blocking these communications. This uses TCP port 9997 by default, but this is configurable in the General -> Advanced tab in the Grid Reporting Properties.
  • That the indexer is using the proper interface for reporting traffic. By default, this is set to "Any" and will use its routing table to control this. In newer versions of NIOS, this is configurable under the General -> Advanced tab in the Reporting Member Properties.
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