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#2825: Mapping hardware IDs and generating licenses for VMware devices

Once a VM instance is created, a hardware ID is obtained. In order to generate licenses from the support site, this hardware ID should be associated with the VM software module and activated in the Support site.


To map the hardware ID to its module:

1. Login to the Support portal with the credentials.

2. Go to 'My blox' tab and click on to "Activate license".

3. Select the "Select appliance type" as Hardware or Virtual.

4. For Virtual, select the "VMWARE" type.

5. Use 'show hwid' or 'show version' command in CLI to obtain the hardware ID/Serial number.


6. Enter the Serial number / Hardware ID and click "Get license list".

7. The available item number, description and activation ID will be displayed.

8. Select the quantity, 1.

9. Click on "Assign licenses and retrieve license keys" to update the hardware ID in the database. The licenses are displayed.

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