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#344: How to stop Scheduled upgrade forcefully (How to gain administrative access during a revert wi



NIOS now includes a built-in revert window, where the entire Grid can be reverted to the old NIOS version without any changes to the database. This is a disaster recovery mechanism. The revert window ensures that all protocol services and Grid communication is working fine in the new NIOS release.  Administrative tasks are restricted in the revert window.





To gain administrative access to the Grid immediately after an upgrade, run the following command from the Grid Master:

Infoblox > set grid_upgrade forced_end

"set grid_upgrade forced_end" is a Grid Master CLI command, that can be used during or at the end of a running upgrade. It can be also used in the middle of an upgrade to change the revert window of the members that have not been upgraded yet.  Executing it after all members are upgraded and before the revert-timer expires, forces the revert timer to expire, thus allowing admin changes to take place. 


NOTE:  If executing this command before members have completed their upgrade, will force the upgrade to end, and any members that are not upgraded will reboot and perform a code-sync to the new version. Those appliances will be offline during their sync to the new version. If any of the members are running a different NIOS version than the Grid , please do not use this command.  We recommend you to contact Infoblox technical support for further assistance.

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