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#5082: Recommended Customer Procedures for Accepting RMA Shipments Part B : Software Function Check

Problem Summary


You have received your RMA / Replacement equipment and it is not functiona (working as expected).


Customer Environment


Any RMA situation involving Infoblox NIOS appliances.



ALL versions of NIOS



When RMA replacement equipment is not functional.




Please use this attached Recommended Customer Procedures for Accepting RMA Shipments to open a case with Infoblox Support.

This 2-part series of documents aims to provide Infoblox customers and partners with guidelines to check the replacement product or parts for damage during shipment, defects or Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) situations.


Part A: Hardware Check.  


Part B: Software Function Check.  See attached document.


o Function/Specification Confirmation Test

o Function/Specification Confirmation Test via GUI



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