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#6035: End-of-Life -- NIOS 6.10

The following table shows the milestones, definitions, and dates in the lifecycle of NIOS 6.10





General Availability

New software releases with general maintenance support become available to the general public.


Active Maintenance Period

Infoblox Engineering provides active support with routine patches and bug fixes on all significant issues.

12/10/2013 to 12/20/2014

Limited Maintenance Period

Infoblox Engineering provides limited support for service-affecting issues and security vulnerabilities only.

12/20/2014 to 12/20/2015

End of Software Development

Infoblox Engineering provides investigations, troubleshooting, workarounds, and fixes for critical security issues only.

12/20/2015 to 12/20/2016

End of Life

The software product reaches the end of its life. The last date that Infoblox Engineering provides support.



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