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#6457: Difference between a BIN/BIN2 file and an OVF/OVA file?



The difference between the OVA(open virtual appliance or application) and the BIN(binary) file?

Which file should be download for upgrading the NIOS version or which file should be download for deploying an NIOS appliance?




All NIOS environments.




All versions of NIOS




A binary file is a file stored in binary format. A binary file is computer-readable but not human-readable. All executable programs are stored in binary files, as are most numeric data files


If we are trying to upgrade the NIOS version, we should download the BIN/BIN2 file from Support Site. Infoblox now uses a new format for the BIN2 file that we may install during an upgrade. The new format is signed with a longer key, which provides greater protection against possible tampering.


An OVA (open virtual appliance or application) is merely a single file distribution of the same file package, stored in the TAR format.

An OVF is not only the name of the packaging format standard, but it also refers to the package when distributed as a group of files.


For additional details, please refer to Knowledge Base article #102 (New *.bin2 upgrade file for NIOS software releases) or the Release Notes.


If you are trying to deploy a NIOS appliance, you should download the OVA or OVF file from the support website.

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