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#6075: How to download license files from support portal

To retrieve your product license keys for NIOS appliance


1. Login with valid credentials to


2. Click the "My Products" on the main navigation bar on top of the page.


3. Select option "Download License".


4. Enter your serial number in the web form.


5. Select .TXT download (or Select 'Display to screen' to view the licenses before download)


6. Press Retrieve License Key(s).


To retrieve your product license file for NetMRI appliance

The first four steps would be same as for NIOS appliance.


After entering the serial number :

1. Select Display to screen.

2. Press Retrieve License Key(s).


You will get the link for download NetMRI license file.


If you need assistance with applying your product licenses:

Please refer KB #786: Applying license keys on NIOS appliances

Please refer KB #2918: Installing Network Automation license files

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