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#6379: NetMRI OC (HA) GUI not accessible

Problem Summary

NetMRI OC (HA) GUI not accessible


Customer Environment

Customer has an OC (HA) with two collectors, one of which is an HA



NetMRI 7.1.2



Customers are converting NetMRI systems to HA that may have different upgrade histories. Older NetMRI versions did not have all the system users that newer NetMRI versions have, and when those system users are added later, the UID and GID values are different. When HA shares files across the HA partition /nadata, that different file ownership will break rabbitmq



Need to change the UID and GID of these system users when HA is setup on the NetMRI to ensure they are consistent between the HA pair. This will be done during the Failover Repartition. A reboot is needs after changing the IDs, which is also done for the Failover Repartition.

This issue is worked by Engineering through Bug# NETMRI-28391 and fix is included in upcoming version 7.1.4.

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