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Support Central: KB #3084: Importing SSL Certificates into NIOS

When you receive the SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority and import it into a NIOS appliance, the appliance finds the matching certificate signing request (CSR), takes the private key associated with the CSR, and associates it with the newly imported certificate. The appliance then automatically deletes the CSR.

If the Certificate Authority sends an intermediate certificate that must be installed along with the server certificate, you can import both certificates into the appliance. The appliance supports the use of intermediate certificates to complete the chain of trust from the server certificate to a trusted root CA. This eliminates intermediate certificate security warnings that appear when you open a web browser and try to connect to an Infoblox appliance.

To import an SSL certificate into a NIOS appliance:

  1. Grid: From the Grid tab, select the Grid Manager tab -> Members tab -> member check box, and then click

Certificates -> HTTPS Cert -> Upload Certificate from the Toolbar.


Infoblox Orchestration Server with the dedicated certificate feature enabled: From the Data Management tab, select the IF-MAP tab, and then click IF-MAP Service Certificate -> Upload Certificate from the Toolbar.

  1. Navigate to the SSL certificate and click Open.
  2. If the appliance has an existing HTTPS certificate, the new certificate replaces the existing one. In the Replace HTTPS Certificate Confirmation dialog box, click Yes.

The appliance imports the SSL certificate and logs you out. When you log in to the appliance again, it uses the SSL certificate that you imported.

For related information, see:

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For a complete explanation, see "Managing Certificates" in the NIOS Administrator Guide.

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