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Support Central: KB #3341: Joining a Member to Grid using LAN or MGMT interface

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Problem Summary

How to join a new Member to the Grid, using LAN or MGMT interface?


Customer Environment

Joining a new Member to the Grid



All versions of NIOS


Before joining a member to the Grid, add the member in the GUI. Use the Add option available under Grid tab > Grid Manager > Members. Follow the instructions in the Add Grid Member wizard to complete the process. See the "Adding Grid Members" section in the NIOS Administrator Guide for detailed instructions about adding members.

After the member is configured in the GUI, you can either join the member using the "Join Grid" option in the GUI or using the set membership command from the CLI of the member.  To locate the "Join Grid" option, navigate to the Grid tab, select the Grid Manager tab > Members tab. Expand the Toolbar and click Join Grid. Please note that a SSH session is not enabled on hardware appliances by default.

You need the following information to join the member to the Grid:

  • Virtual IP of Grid Master: Enter the VIP address of the HA Grid Master or the LAN1 address of the single Grid Master for the Grid.

  • Grid Name: Enter the name of the Grid.

  • Grid Shared Secret: Enter the shared secret of the Grid.

If you have enabled the Management interface on the joining member and you require the member to use the MGMT interface to communicate with the Grid master, you must select the "Enable VPN on MGMT Port" option in the members advanced network properties before joining. See the "Enabling Grid Communications over the MGMT Port for Existing Grid Members" section in the NIOS Administrator Guide for instructions to change this setting.

  • If you are using "Join Grid" from the GUI to join the member, you can enable "Use MGMT port to join Grid" option.

  • If you are using set membership command, you are prompted with the following message while joining: Enable grid services on the Management port? (y or n)

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