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Are the domain controller updates the same updates as those under the "Active Directory" tab in the authoratative zone properties.
Thank you Braj. In this case, what is the significance of the member time zone?
It only takes a couple seconds, you might lose one ping. Most applications won't notice.
I haven't done this for a long time but I am sure you can get them to inherit v...
Hi; For example only one admin group can change a certain extensible attribute from recommended to required, while all other groups can not. Kindly Wasfi
Hi; Can you do a network discovery based on an Extensible attribute? For example, can you say I want to schedule a network discovery for all networks in Sydney data centre? Kindly Wasfi
Hi; When I enable the capture of DNS queries on a member, is this only for logs sent to the grid master? I mean if I don't enable the capture of DNS queries for logging purposes. Do an extenal syslog server still receive them? Kindly Wasfi
Hi; When setting the logging settings at the member level, as can be seen from ...

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