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I think I found the answer. In version 8.4.3 you can use a secondary IP on the VIP interface. Please see attached screen-shot
Global CSV Export was added in 7.1. Why run such an ancient version? Doubt you are getting security updates! You should be on late 7.x release if not 8.0. Maybe you have old hardware? Time for an upgrade?!?!
Hi; Can I take a back up .bak in version 7.2.19 and restore it in version 7.3.18? I am almost certain I can. However, thought I'd double check. Kindly Wasfi
Hi; Do you need to change the KSK public key value of the root zone "." in the trust anchor everytime it is rolled over? If so, how do you get notified of such a change? Kindly Wasfi
Hi; can you use the mgmt port on the grid master for GUI, while using the LAN1 port for BloxSync communication with other grid members? Kindly Wasfi
Hi; Can certificate based authentication "ocsp" be used as single factor authentication technique? What would the user experience be like then? Just seemless logon without the password prompt screen? Kindly Wasfi
Hi; How do I download a tcpdump taken in the CLI running in "expert mode". Kindly Wasfi
Hi; DHCP for could based appliances. Is it available now and if not is it going to be? I am asking this question as it was not available about six months ago. Kindly Wasfi
Hi; Some of the printers have very ugly host names, while DDNS by DHCP servers ...

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