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I also agree. At this moment it misses some efficiency. For example a list of b...
Ah ok thanks I will try and check that out next time I'm on the customer's system.
The version is under Help > About. See attachment. Contacting Support is the...
I just posted a walk through of a SAML/Okta configuration in the Tech Video section, and finish it with a successful SSO login. Check it out!
I have been asked about Infoblox support for CAA RRs. Infoblox has supported CAA records for some time, but not in the GUI. As of NIOS 8.3-EA (currently available on the Infoblox Support site), CAA RRs are supported in the UI.
Don't use the DHCP part of Infoblox, so the ipv4 DHCP bar is not possible/usable.
Just to make sure everyone understands this (there is some confusion on who the...
Hi, After much messing about I still can't find a mechanism for importing data ...
Yes - this is correct. If the hostname is left blank, the assigned IP applies t...

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