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Thanks for the update Well Done.
@WBounni wrote: However, can it provide DHCP, NTP and TFTP services? hello Wasfi, - DHCP and TFTP are not supported on MGMT interface - I believe NTP service will be listening on the MGMT interface once this one is enabled hope this helps stephane
This worked pefectly for me. I am not sure why I was having issues as the format I was using was very similar. I did not have "configure_for_dhcp":true as in the past that seemed to be set automatically when I set a mac address. Thanks again!!
Hello fitzie, - could you confirm your NIOS version ? - I think you can achieve...
hello Elop I cannot check right now but I seem to recall that if you use MGMT p...
Hello Dmitriy78, these parameters should work in 1.1 Could you kindly post the exact command/script you tried and the error message you get ?
Hi, we use the Option " DHCP server always updates DNS", because we had problem...
For just a bit of clarity, DNS Views will Match from Top to bottom in your list...
Clarification, please... boot-unknown-clients true in ISC dhcpd.conf is the same as deny-unknown-clients ? That seems backwards... I can't see that it does much of anything when read in through the DIW 7.2.
Hello Ryan, which NIOS version are you using ?

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