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I Had the same issue but my one friend fixed it. Thanks to him
keep an eye on the PTR records too, generally used for your static addressed as...
Have you thought about maybe switching over to using the WAPI/REST API now? A b...
Have you got answer to you question?
Hi Tim, I am looking for the code to delete a particular alias among many from a host, through API call. Could you please help. I am using vb script write now. Thanks!
Hi, Could you please add the header content-type and try again? Sample call: cu...
Hi Techies, is it possible to use "next available IP address " in CSV import, if so how to do that ? Because everytime I have to give IP address manually in the CSV file!! thanks
yeah VLANs for the win, if possible. I usually set my servers to the lowest num...
Scratch that...figured it out!
Hi Daniel, You have to overwrite the full list of values using a PUT call to yo...

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