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Nice information you share thanks for the blog
So, this is fairly basic, and there's definitely more that could be done here (...
Still no answer from Infoblox support, but they confirmed this issue with Network containers.
Thnaks Jsteele, It Worked with me using CN Insead of uid, when is use uid there was no data retrieved from LDAP but with CN it use to give complete user details like memberOf etc.
The window size is fixed There isn't a way to change the "default" size when it opens.
Was misreading the columns and the extensible attribute was spelled differently. All good, now. Thanks, again, for your confirmation. gary
Fixed by deleting the container in list view. Not sure if the same results could've been achieved using another view. Only a few people have 'super-user', so that was not an option.
Yes, you will need to do routes for anything that needs to go over the MGMT inte...

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