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Good information sahre
Do I just need to paste that XML file in my "edit source" tab and complete those prerequisites?
Thanks for the heads up. I will be upgrading my virtual appliances to the 8.4.x NIOS soon.
Thanks to all that answered. The reason for the question is that on our annual ...
@cnsieler wrote: I have been testing Virtual Appliances about a year and buildi...
In reality, if you're using a dedicated HA pair GM (not serving DNS that is) yo...
The join failures could have happened due to multiple reasons and troubleshooting this would require a review of the logs from the systems in question. Infoblox Support would be able to help with providing RCA. Regards, Tony
@DEvans wrote: I kind of feel this is broken, it should keep the original host ...
This is my solution so far... Its very close to a workable solution.

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