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NIOS 8.4 problems on VMware Workstation

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Hey all,


I know VMware Workstation isn't strictly supported, but I have been using it for years just for mucking about, testing scripts etc.


Recently I upgraded to NIOS 8.4.1 and also 8.4.2 and am having some real problems - the UI just hangs with the "Starting, please wait" banner, and when I log in via the console and do "show log" I see errors like "general protection error". I also deployed the OVA file from scratch rather than upgrading an existing system and I have the same problem.


I haven't done any more troubleshooting as I've moved back onto my lab ESX server at the moment, but just wanted to mention it in case anyone else is having problems or knows if there's a quick solution - maybe there's a setting somewhere that needs tweaking.








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Re: NIOS 8.4 problems on VMware Workstation

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Thanks for the heads up.  I will be upgrading my virtual appliances to the 8.4.x NIOS soon.

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