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Version Compatibility

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I am standing up a minimal deployemtn of vRA to replace the distributed stack now in place.  Our environment consists of NSX 6.4.4, vCenter/ESXi 6.5U2, vRA/vRO 7.6.  Note that this deployment will not be behind our NSX load balancer.  My question is will the 4.4.1 Infoblox plugin work in this environment?  If not, what version will?


Thanks for the advice.


Re: Version Compatibility

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vRO 7.6 is not officially supported but yes, it does work. There are issues with the vRO 7.6 GUI so you will need to use the legacy client for some features to work. Also, some browsers may work better than others so if an expected feature is not available, be sure to try using a different browser (Firefox versus Google Chrome, etc).


Note: VMware is aware of these issues. This is not a limitation of the Infoblox IPAM plugin.

Re: Version Compatibility

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  1. In the Navigator pane, click NSX Edges.
  2. From the NSX Manager drop-down menu, select the 172.16. 11.65 NSX Manager.
  3. Verify the Version column has the expected version number for each NSX Edge



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