How do I cancel a stuck upgrade?

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We have a customer who's grid upgrade got "stuck" when the active node of the grid master tried to upgrade. Passive node got upgraded ok and then failover occured, but the active node (which is now passive) did not reboot properly and now appears to be corrupt. All other nodes in the grid have been upgraded apart from this one.


Customer is trying to sort out an RMA but in the meantime is trying to add new nodes to the grid, however they get error messages stating that new nodes can't be added until the upgrade has been completed. Grid upgrade screen shows that the grid master has not completed upgrading - is there a way (maybe via a secret CLI command) to tell NIOS to abort the upgrade so that the customer can add these new nodes to the grid?


I'll log a ticket with support if no-one knows here, I just need to find out the serial number.

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