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Amazon Web Services


AWS vDiscovery

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I have added vDiscovery job (one time) for AWS by using IAM credentials and it ran successfully as well but there is no data in IPAM for AWS. I was under the impression that VPC and all the ip's which are used will be there uder IPAM once vDiscovery runs. 

Can someone advise if I am missing a step perhaps ?



Inder Vaud

Re: AWS vDiscovery

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AWS vDiscovery jobs are specific to the region of the API endpoint used. For example, to discover resources in the US West 2 region, you would need to use the endpoint: For resources in a second region, such as US East 1, you'd need to run a second vDiscovery job using the endpoint for that region: Are you using the correct endpoint for the region where your resources exist?


If this is not the issue, any additional info you can provide? Entries from syslog etc.?


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