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Amazon Web Services


Vdiscovery in AWS Multi Account Environment

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I have Installed Infoblox Vnios in our AWS infrastructure with the purpose of having an easy solution for IPAM in the cloud. (No DNS or DHCP needed.) When Configuring Vdiscovery Job is works as expected and Infoblox Discovers the VPC CIDR range, all subnets and all Instances of that individual account. 

1 - Our current question is, for an AWS Organizations environment with hundreds of accounts like ours, do we have to configure individual Vdiscovery jobs pointing to every individual account?  Or is there a better way to achieve a single Vdiscovery job that will collect information about multiple accounts? 
We have tried configuring a Vdiscovery job agaisnt an account that has permissions to see EC2 information on all other accounts, but that did not help. 

2 - Also not sure this will be relevant but the option to use Instance profile for Credentials of the Vdiscovery job is greyed out (can't select it), even tho the EC2 instace has a IAM Role attached as per the instructions.  - Deployment Guide: Deploy Infoblox vNIOS Instances for AWS - Draft
instance profile greyed out.pngInstance Profile Instructions.pngEC2 isntance role assigned.pngSingle Account Vdiscovery OK.png

Re: Vdiscovery in AWS Multi Account Environment

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For question 1, for now setting up a vDiscovery job for each account is the only way to collect data accross all of them.


On question 2, did you add the IAM role after deploying the instance or during deployment? I have seen it fail to recognize there is a role assigned if added after deployment, not sure on a workaround for this. You may need to open a support case to investigate.

Re: Vdiscovery in AWS Multi Account Environment

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Thanks for the answer, it's a shame about  issue 1)

For issue 2) we will try to see if adding role during deployment will have an impact, thanks for the info 

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