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A question about _ref

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So I noticed something (potentially?) odd. 


The _ref value for a subnet in one standalone infoblox instance is the exact same as another _ref value for a subnet in another standalone infoblox instance.


Here's a sample of what it looks like in both instances : 


Instance 1 API call :




Instance 2 API call  :





What I'm trying to understand is how is the_ref string determined? Is there a _ref for each network or is it supposed to be randomly generated and this is an anomaly ? 

Re: A question about _ref

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I don't think the method for generation of a _ref is documented anywhere.   They are guaranteed to be unique within a grid, but (as you have discovered) they are not guaranteed to be unique from one grid to the next.  In fact, for similar objects they are likely to be the same, and for the objects present in a brand new grid deployment they will most likely be the same.

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