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Creation of an unmanaged entry via REST API

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Dear Infoblox team,


I am currently using an Infoblox appliance's v1.6.1 WAPI.

I am trying to assign some addresses in my IP range to be marked as unmanaged using WAPI, but the API guide I have managed to put my hands on offers no instructions on how should it be done.

Any help on the issue of marking an address as unmanaged using WAPI v1.6.1 would be appreciated.





Re: Creation of an unmanaged entry via REST API

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If by "unmanaged" you mean not added to DNS, the configure for DNS = false does the trick.


        payload = '{"ipv4addrs": [{"configure_for_dhcp": false,  \
                    "ipv4addr": "' + ipv4addr + '"}], \
                    "configure_for_dns": false, \
                    "name": "' + fqdn  }'


r =, auth=(username,password), verify=False, data=payload)

Re: Creation of an unmanaged entry via REST API

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Unmanaged IP Address entries in IPAM refers to used IP addresses which are discovered via IPAM discovery or Network Discovery. These are called unmanaged to specify that they are not 'created' in Infoblox or that Infoblox does not know about them apart from the discovered data.


Hence these entries cannot be created via API or GUI. 




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