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Rest API to delete a host record

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Hi I have a requirement to delete a host record. To accomplish that I have to first get the object reference for the host name object and then pass it in delete. But when I try to run the below URL in postman(In postman to test my string) but getting a blank value as a result set.


Get Call-->


Re: Rest API to delete a host record

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Can you paste the error message here? The image is not displayed.


Also check if the record you are looking for is in the default network view. If not, pass that value to the API.


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Re: Rest API to delete a host record

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Hi, check for correct WAPI version (2.7 is the default version from the postman)


I tried this way :






You get the object reference :


DELETE -->call


URL/wapi/v2.6.1/Object referece


Hope it helps

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