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API call for IPv6 host

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Hi am trying to import a file with a large set of IPv6 address. am tried to use the following 

def create_ipv6_fixed_address(ipv6addr, comment, view, duid=None):
url = f"{infoblox_host}/wapi/v2.11/ipv6fixedaddress"
headers = {
"Content-Type": "application/json",
data = {
"ipv6addr": ipv6addr,
"comment": comment,
"view": view,
if duid is not None:
data["duid"] = duid

response =, headers=headers, auth=(username, password), data=json.dumps(data), verify=False)
return response

It seems the view field in not usable and unable to find in the documentation how to add a static ipv6 host address to a certain view. any ideas? 

Re: API call for IPv6 host

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Are you trying to assign the DNS view, or the Network view?

IPv6 Addresses won't get a DNS view as they' don't have a DNS function.  However you can assign them to a Network view, using the "network_view" field.

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