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How to delete the host with csv import ?

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Today, i have import a host on the network, but i need to delete this host with csv import option. I have chosen "Delete" and i have a error : "Line 2: Fetching object failed due to The selected object could not be found".


Do you have any solution for me?

Re: How to delete the host with csv import ?

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The CSV engine needs to be able to uniquely match a host record, it cannot make a match if the values provided don't have a uniqueness requirement,


Host records with DNS enabled must have a unique name within a DNS view and network view.  So providing the fqdn, DNS view, and network view is usually suffficient.

Host records without DNS enabled don't need to have a unique name, so more data is needed to uniquely identify the host record.  Be sure to include the MAC address and any other fields you can, when generating the import file for the delete job.

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