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API Infoblox & LogicMonitor

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I have Infoblox integrated in LogicMonitor.

I have Infoblox_Appliance_DNSStatistics and DNSAAT5AvgLatency, DNSAAT5Count, ... but all counters are showing 0 in Logic Monitor... I wonder if it is not because I am not using any specific view number as Infoblox is using View=0 or View=9 or View=28. So some questions: Where do I see the definitions of the different views to know what they are representing, two how to get the information from a different view than the current one in Logic Monitor?




Re: API Infoblox & LogicMonitor

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Take a look at the text config for a DNS appliance. 


Data Management / DNS / Members


select the member


On the far right, select View / Config


It will pop up the named.conf style config for that appliance.  The human-readable zone name is stored as a comment next to each of the view definitions.

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