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Can i use the WAPI to find networks ?

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I'm tring to find Networks that matches BranchID=XYZ, Solution=Client, Solution!=Mobile using the v2.7 WAPI and curl from a Linux server. Is this possible? 

I tried something like this:*BranchID:=xyz\&*Solution:=Client\&*Solution~=\(?\!Mobile\)

But it looks like "(?! ) is not supported?


Is there a way to pull this off, or do I basically need to pull the extensible attributes and figure out what to do after the fact?

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Re: Can i use the WAPI to find networks ?

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I don't know why you're using a combination of (Solution=Client & Solution!=Mobile, since it'll pull only the ones with 'Solution' value to be 'Client'). But this must work :



You can Curl or try that from a browser(Or any utilities you prefer). Please post if there's any error.


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