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IPv4 address reserve creation is not working

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Hi team!


I am trying to add a ipv4 reservation to an IP address using the infoblox API. I am using the following code:


def reserve_ip_addr(self, address, name, comment):
		""" Implements IBA REST API call to reserve IBA IPv4 address 
		Returns None 
		:param address: IP v4 address in CIDR format without subnet
			:param name: reservation name
			:param comment: context 
		attr= lambda key, val: '"' + key + '":' + '"' + val + '"'
		extattr = lambda key, val: '"' + key + '":' + '{"value":"' + val + '"}'
		rest_url = 'https://' + self.iba_host + '/wapi/v' + self.iba_wapi_version + '/ipv4address'
		payload = '{' + attr("ipv4addr", address) + ',' + \
		attr("names", name) + \
		# example extattrs

		#'"extattrs": {' + \
		#extattr("Editor", editor) + "," + \
		print payload
		r =, auth=(self.iba_user, self.iba_password), verify=self.iba_verify_ssl, data=str(payload))
		r_json = r.json()
			print r.json()
			if r.status_code == 200 or r.status_code == 201:
				if 'text' in r_json:
					raise InfobloxGeneralException(r_json['text'])
		except ValueError:
			raise Exception(r)
		except Exception:

I am getting the next error:

Operation create not allowed for ipv4address


Any suggestion?


Re: IPv4 address reserve creation is not working

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The object type you want to create is a 'fixedaddress' object. 


The rest_url line should look something like this;


		rest_url = 'https://' + self.iba_host + '/wapi/v' + self.iba_wapi_version + '/fixedaddress

for a DHCP Fixed Address, use the real client's MAC address.


For a DHCP Reservation, use a MAC address of all-zeros:


"mac": "00:00:00:00:00:00",


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