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Questions about status_member field on DTC objects

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In WAPI, I'm wondering if anyone has messed with the search-only field called "status_member" that is associated with dtc:lbdn, dtcSmiley Tongueool, and dtc:server? The docs for the field describe it as, "The name of the status member to search for," which doesn't really say much.


What I was hoping it was is a way to query the health status of a DTC object from the perspective of that member the same way you can use the Member drop-down in the DTC visualization pane in the web GUI. But the testing I've been doing against it makes it seem like that's not the case.


The results I get from a query don't seem to change at all regardless of whether I use status_member or not even though there is a difference when I use the Member drop-down in the GUI. For instance:


GET /wapi/v2.10.5/dtc:lbdn?name=mylbdn&_return_fields=health
GET /wapi/v2.10.5/dtc:lbdn?name=mylbdn&_return_fields=health&
GET /wapi/v2.10.5/dtc:lbdn?name=mylbdn&_return_fields=health&

All of these return the exact same response even though the health in the GUI is different when selecting dtc1 vs dtc2 in the Member drop-down.

Re: Questions about status_member field on DTC objects

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Hello Rmbolger,


I've tested what you observed in RESTAPI. All 4 searchable fields comment/name/fqdn/status_member for the dtc:lbdn object works(I mean the fields are all  recognized during the call). Except the case of status_member, all other 3 yield the required result as what one would expect. Thinking from DTC use-cases persepctive, i can't find a better fit for the "status_member" field to be something different from what your agenda is. Reading through the pointed documentation, I would also think of it the same as the utility available at visualization panel -> select individual member status in specific. 


I tried the same attribute, "status_member" available for use via Infoblox Perl API module as well. In this case, the call doesn't return any result at all (for GET & SEARCH) when the 'status_member' attribute is used(Wild card doesn't work either). I'll attach a simple perl script for reference. Removing the 'status_member' object from attribute list would return the LBDN asked for.



use strict;
use Infoblox;
use Data::Dumper;
 #Create a session to the Infoblox appliance
 my $host_ip   = "X.X.X.X";
 my $host_name = "infoblox.localdomain";
 my $session = Infoblox::Session->new(
     master   => $host_ip,            #appliance host ip
     username => "<user_id>",         #appliance user login
     password => "<password>"         #appliance password
 unless ($session) {
    die("Construct session failed: ",
        Infoblox::status_code() . ":" . Infoblox::status_detail());
 print "Session created successfully.\n";

 my @retrieved_objs = $session->search(
     object => 'Infoblox::DTC::LBDN',
     name => 'lbdn*',           #replace with your LBDN name
     status_member => '*'       #remove this attribute & the results are pulled

my $found_lbdn = $retrieved_objs[0];

         die("Didn't find the LBDN : ",
           $session->status_code() . ":" . $session->status_detail());
 print "Found the LBDN you're looking for..\n\n\n\n";
 print Dumper $found_lbdn ;


So i think something is not working as per the documentation or may be something could be broken. I would suggest you to open a ticket with Infoblox Technical Support, specifying the call used so that this could be explained further(Be it a documentation issue, bug or an alternate usage method of the object in question).


Best regards,


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