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DHCP Leases by network CIDR

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I'm looking for something rather simple, but a way in the WAPI to:


"Give me all live leases in network x.y.z.q/mm"


I have a workaround currently whereby I dump the entire list of all leases in Infoblox and using python netaddr, filter out those that are within the particular CIDR block I'm looking for.  Although "network" is a field in the lease object, it cannot be used for searching in version 2.9. I would be fine even if I could squelch the master list of all leases to just those with the first 2 octets, which would likely speed up things, considering my current script takes 5 minutes to run to return a networks' worth of leases.


Is there another way?





Re: DHCP Leases by network CIDR

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You can get a list of the lease objects using an IPAM approach:


curl -k1 -u admin:infoblox -X GET '' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d \
  "network": "", 
  "status": "USED", 
  "types": "LEASE"

You will get a list of results like this:


        "_ref": "ipv4address/Li5pcHY0X2FkZHJlc3MkMTAuMTAyLjEwMC4xMDYvMA:", 
        "ip_address": "", 
        "is_conflict": false, 
        "lease_state": "BACKUP", 
        "mac_address": "00:50:56:83:15:09", 
        "names": [], 
        "network": "", 
        "network_view": "default", 
        "objects": [
        "status": "USED", 
        "types": [
        "usage": [

If you need specifics on the individual leases you can load them separately.


Note I'm using DHCP Failover so there are two leases recorded per IP + MAC address, one for each appliance in the HA pair.

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