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Does the WAPI strip whitespace in response?

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The name of a delegated server for some zones in our Infoblox contain an extra space at the end. e.g. is delegated to " "

Notice the trailing space added by mistake.


When a slave running bind downloads this zone, the check-names option gives error


Apr 12 12:50:15 randomServer named[53664]: zone :\032: bad name (check-names)


But the API response does not contain this extra space so I am not able to filter faulty ones out from all our delegated zones:

{'_ref': 'zone_delegated/blahBlah:', 'delegate_to': [{'address': '', 'name': ''}], 'fqdn': '', 'view': 'viewName'}

Is the API stripping this trailing space? 
Any way I can stop it from happening?


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