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Help Required: Creating network in a network view

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Hi Team,


I am trying to create a network in a network view. Now the thing is when I am trying to pass multiple arguments it is always throwing me syntax error. I know that i am writing a wrong suntax. Can you guys please correct me ?


API request


'{network_view : Testing,network :}'
"Error": "AdmConProtoError: Unknown argument/field: '\n\t'{network_view : Testing,network :}'\n '",
"code": "Client.Ibap.Proto",
"text": "Unknown argument/field: '\n\t'{network_view : Testing,network :}'\n '"

Re: Help Required: Creating network in a network view

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Hi Ashley,


The network parameters need to be passed in the data section of your WAPI call. If you are using curl, you can use the following syntax.


curl -k -u admin:infoblox -H 'content-type: application/json' -X POST "" -d '{"network": "","network_view": "Testing"}'

Hope this works,

Krishna Vasudevan



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