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Hi, Need to assistant! Now when I have an Extra attribute value created, how do I attach this to network object? And also if I want to modiy inhetitance state to 'inhereted' on same API request. Thanks in advance Patric
Try this example: #!/usr/bin/env python3 import requests import urllib3 import ...
okay. With respect to passing multiple parameters, if i want to add an extensib...
Team, I found out that if i create a host record either by Infoblox GUI or by A...
Hi Team, A very small question. When I add a host using next available function...
Hi, You can do so using the following API call: curl -k -u admin:Infoblox -X GET ""
Hi Team, I waant to know how can i serach a record using multiple criteria. For example lets says, I want to search a record with name=abc, IP Address=, extensible attributes say country=US ,comments="Hi" and region="california"??
Hi Team, I noticed that I can put two records with same name/host_name and diff...
I believe this was just answered in your other post: Thanks.