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Converting hexadecimal integer to string in NetMRI python

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I am having difficulty converting an hexadecimal value in python with NetMRI. Any help would be appreciated.


The initial hex value is stored in a NetMRI List. Using the easy.get_list_value() function, the hex (integer) value is returned via python. To convert the hex integer to a string, I tried the following code: 


parent_mh = easy.get_list_value(Spectrum_site_list, "MName", site_container, "MHandle", "NOTFOUND")

parent_mh_string = hex(parent_mh) ## also tried: parent_mh_string = hex(int(parent_mh))


But I get this error: 


 TypeError: 'str' object cannot be interpreted as an integer 
 Python script has returned 1 value 


In a RHLpython environment environment, I can convert a hex integer to string:

>>> b = 0x106b52e
>>> hex(int(b))
>>> hex(0x106b52e)
>>> type(hex(0x106b52e))
<class 'str'>

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