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Azure vnios upgrade 9.0.3

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Hi guys,

I have several questions about upgrade azure vnios up to 9.0.1. Checking doc it is recommended to provision up to 500gb but there's no option at os level to increase filesystem. We could only increase os disk but not resize FS, isn't it or it is necessary to chance os image?It talked about resizable image but I have doubts about it. Kind regards

Re: Azure vnios upgrade 9.0.3

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500GB is the default disk size for virtual NIOS from 9.0 onwards. However, existing virtual NIOS solutions with 250GB disks will work just fine if you upgrade them to NIOS 9.0.x.


The only way to get a 500GB disk space is to redeploy the VM with a NIOS 9.0.x image.

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