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DHCP Configuration

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I'm trying to configure DHCP on a test INFOBLOX appliance for testing. I'm running a single virtual appliance that I use as a 
DNS and DHCP server. DNS is working properly with 2 test domains. DHCP appears to have no configuration. I have 3 subnets configured in the DHCP session 
with range reservation, but if I try to see the configuration with the "View DHCP Configuration" button, nothing appears from the congured subnets. 
In the test environment I entered a subnet served by DHCP with a test client. The client doesn't receive the IP and on the INFOBLOX logs 
I find this error: DHCPDISCOVER from e4:xx:5b:xx:xx:bb via unknown network segment. It looks like it doesn't have networking in the config.
This is DHCP server configuration by INFOBLOX:
ddns-update-style interim;
log-facility daemon;
# fingerprinting enabled;
local-address 1x.1yy.243.90;
ddns-local-address4 1xx.1yy.243.90;
server-identifier 1x.1yy.243.90;
# save fixed address leases
infoblox-ignore-uid false;
infoblox-ignore-macaddr false;
default-lease-time 691200;
min-lease-time 691200;
max-lease-time 691200;
one-lease-per-client false;
ping-number 1;
ping-timeout-ms 1000;
omapi-key DHCP_UPDATER;
omapi-port 7911;
ddns-updates off;
ignore client-updates;
include "/infoblox/var/dhcpd_conf/dhcp_updater.key";
subnet 1xx.1yy.243.0 netmask {
not authoritative;
#End of dhcpd.conf file


Re: DHCP Configuration

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I suspect the networks and the ranges are not assigned to the appliance?


Make sure the network and the range both are assigned to your appliance:



Re: DHCP Configuration

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When you created the DHCP range, look at to see if you missed any steps.


Most important is to have the network associated with a DHCP Grid member

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