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What kinds of attacks does B1TD block?

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Hi team,


this is Elijah Choi and I have a question to ask you.

What kind of threats that B1TD can block? What I know is RPZ(blocking malicious domain), DNS exfiltration(DEX). and that's it.

What else that B1TD can block? If we look at ADP on NIOS, We could see BGP, DNS tunnling, DNS amplification, DDoS, ICMP, DNS cache poisoning... etc.

Are there same functions for B1TD?

If someone knows the category of B1TD, please tell me.


I would like to ask one more question, I have tried to use DNScat2 and DNSteal to exfiltrate data, B1TD cannot block these tools. So I would like to know what DNS exfiltration tools that B1TD blocks.


Thank you.

Best Regards.

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