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Multi Cloud and Metadata

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We initially started working with AWS and built an automation process that would allow objects and metadata from AWS to be written into the Infoblox Grid, and vice-versa.  While we attempted to make a lot of the cloud-related metadata as generic as possible, we discovered that much of the language used in AWS doesn't really match what exists in say Azure or Google Cloud.

Things like account names and numbers in AWS seem to not match well with say, subecriptions in Azure, as an example.

As I wish to develop metadata for objects in pretty much any cloud, I'm curious if anybody has come up with a set or metadata names and descriptions that work well with every major cloud provider.  I do not wish to have one set of metadata for AWS, and another for Azure, and a third for GCP, but I'd prefer to have one set that works for all.

Re: Multi Cloud and Metadata

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I understand your frustration with the lack of consistency in metadata names and descriptions across different cloud providers. Unfortunately, there is no universal set of metadata that works seamlessly with every major cloud provider. Each provider has its own terminology and naming conventions. However, you can try to create a set of metadata that is as generic and standardized as possible, taking into account the common elements across different cloud platforms. It might require some customization and mapping between different providers, but it can help achieve a level of compatibility. Additionally, you can explore third-party tools or frameworks that offer cross-cloud compatibility for metadata management. EZ Drive MA

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